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We have been operating in Izmir as Private Cadde Dental Oral and Dental Health Clinic since 2010. We administer all therapies that are within the field of dentistry. Developing technologies and innovations have taken dentistry to a whole new dimension. Patients can perform their treatment in dentists without fear and anxiety. Doctors and patients meet their expectations more easily in this way. Dentists and dental chairs have ceased to be patients’ fearful dreams.

Our main mission is to closely monitor the developing technology and innovations, to achieve customer satisfaction in the dental sector, to move forward with a quality and fast service understanding at Private Cadde Dental Oral and Dental Health Clinic. We provide all kinds of oral and dental health treatment services and aim to ensure that our patients leave our clinics healthy and smiling with our Modern Private Cadde Dental Clinic.

We serve in specialized fields such as implantology, jaw surgery, aesthetic dentistry, gum diseases, and preventive medicine in our dental clinic serving in Mavibahçe Shopping Mall Izmir. Our mission and purpose are always to protect and treat the oral and dental health of our patients and most importantly to please them. The most important criterion we base on when determining our service quality standards is to prioritize the specific health status of each patient. We make treatment plans where we can get precise and clear results with special examinations according to the health conditions of our patients. We perform our treatments in a completely sterile environment with high hygiene standards. We continue our services 24/7.

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