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Laminated teeth are the application of the substance produced without metal support to the front surface of any tooth by our physicians. Laminated teeth have an aesthetic look. Laminated teeth treatment is applied to people who have holes in their enamel, their enamel is worn, and their colors have changed over time. Laminated teeth treatment gives you a great, aesthetic appearance.

It is special ultra-thin porcelain, also called porcelain leaf tooth, which provides a great aesthetic appearance of 0.3 to 0.10 mm thickness produced for the front surface of the teeth. Other names are laminated, dental veneer, porcelain leaf. Special thin porcelain is adhered to the front surfaces of the teeth and then the width, length, shape, and color of the teeth are adjusted.

It can be applied to teeth that are punctured, broken, worn, and have gaps between them, to teeth that have changed color, as well as to people who want to have an aesthetic smile.

How to get laminated teeth done?
First of all, you should come to our clinic for an examination and your physician should decide whether your teeth are suitable for laminated teeth treatment.

You will then receive information about your panoramic X-ray and the appropriate duration of treatment. Your dentist will administer local anesthesia and apply 0.5 mm abrasion to your teeth to be laminated. Then he/she takes measurements and sends them to the dental technician. Your laminated teeth from the dentist are secured with special adhesives. You are called for control 7-10 days later.

Laminated Teeth Prices
We have the principle of not giving prices without examination in our Oral and Dental Health Clinic, which works at the prices determined by the Turkish Dental Association. Our examination is free of charge.

Can everyone have laminated teeth?
It is possible to make laminated teeth for anyone who does not have chewing defects and problems with jaw closure. Porcelain coating is also mostly recommended.

Can laminated teeth be made without touching teeth?
It can be decided after your dental examination.

Do dental laminates fall out?
Laminated teeth are very sensitive. You can use it comfortably for life without trying to break any hard objects with your teeth after laminated tooth application.

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