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Permanent teeth whitening is a method applied to lighten a few individual tones of discolored or yellowed teeth for various reasons. It is the process of removing the discoloration in the structure of the teeth (enamel and dentin layer). Healthy and white teeth are important for a beautiful smile. However, structural defects that occur during the formation of teeth, some antibiotics used as children or in the womb, the amount of fluoride you eat and drink, and the amount of water you drink may stain our teeth. In addition; old age, old prostheses, coatings, and fillings are also effective in the loss of whiteness in teeth.

Tea, coffee, cigarettes, all the beverages containing colorants, cherry juices, red wines, pomegranate juices all thicken the teeth over the years as a result of the colorful organic and inorganic substances accumulating in the porous enamel structure on the surface of the teeth. The permanent teeth whitening method, also called bleaching, is applied and at the end of this process, the teeth are bleached to eight to ten tons depending on the condition instead of making porcelain coating, etc. on discolored or yellowed teeth. There are different ways to whiten teeth. The first is professional whitening (office bleaching) with the help of a dentist, and the other is the home bleaching system applied in accordance with the recommendation of your doctor at home. Teeth whitening is not used in pediatric dental treatment processes. Teeth whitening treatment is recommended for individuals over 18 years of age.

Teeth whitening in the clinic

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Teeth Whitening (Bleaching)

Bleaching is one of the most popular applications of recent years. The teeth whitening process that many people who want to have beautiful and bright smiles want to have done is very important aesthetically.

Teeth whitened

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Teeth Whitening Prices?

The process of whitening teeth that have lost their old whiteness over the years due to factors such as tea, cigarettes, and coffee is called bleaching. Teeth whitening is a much easier, economical, and reliable process compared to other porcelain coating processes. We can also say that it is a process that protects and does not wear the teeth.

Why do teeth have stains and color change?

Healthy and white teeth are very important aesthetically. Because some problems and personal insecurity are observed in the social lives of people who have lost tooth whiteness. Therefore, many people who want to have whiter teeth consult their doctors for teeth whitening procedures. In general, teeth whitening is the removal of the colored parts of the porous enamel structure on the surface of the teeth with teeth whitening gels.

Teeth color is also unique to the person such as eye and hair color, as is known. Teeth color is determined by the ratio of the elements contained in the tooth. The surface of the enamel has an invisible small perforated structure. The natural color of the tooth may change over time because of this small perforated structure. That is where people who are uncomfortable with this condition resort to teeth whitening.

Teeth whitening (bleaching) process

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Why do you need teeth whitening?

It is very important that their teeth look white especially for people who care about their personal care and aesthetics. Therefore, defects or discolorations in the teeth cause serious discomfort, especially in such people. So much so that this goes as far as psychological disorders in some people. Therefore, people who experience changes in teeth color and who are uncomfortable with this first try a number of applications such as whitening toothpaste and carbonate at home and decide to whiten their teeth when they cannot get the desired result. In addition, patients who are interested in teeth whitening also resort to aesthetic solutions such as laminated teeth application.

What are the reasons our teeth lost color?

There may be more than one cause of discoloration in the teeth. Of course; cigarettes, coffee, and tea are the most well-known factors. However, apart from these;

Structural defects during tooth development in childhood
Antibiotics exposed in the womb or during infancy
Some foods that we consume in our daily lives
Cigarettes, coffee, and tea habits can cause discoloration in the teeth.

We can classify the coloration of the teeth under two main headings.

Internal Discoloration: An event called internal discoloration is stains that penetrate the teeth and cannot be removed by brushing. Likewise, structural defects that occur in teeth development during infancy are also included in the internal discoloration class. The most successful method in these cases is teeth whitening.

External Discoloration: This discoloration group is the discoloration on the teeth surface due to coloring foods such as tea, coffee, and cigarettes. It is also possible to get rid of this discoloration with dental calculus cleaning and regular care.

Teeth Whitening Methods

Teeth whitening methods vary according to the type of teeth discoloration. However, teeth whitening can be performed in two different ways according to application techniques in general terms. These include:

Power Bleaching: This teeth whitening method is performed in an office environment and for an average of one hour. Your teeth’ color can be bleached 3-4 tons in a very short time with whitening gel and light. It is the most reliable and fastest method of teeth whitening.

Home Bleaching: This teeth whitening is the whitening technique at home. Gels are placed in customized plastic mouthpieces by taking oral measurements and the whitening process is applied by the person himself/herself at home. The desired whitening is achieved within approximately 5 to 7 days. The application should be performed 4-8 hours a day.

Is the teeth whitening process safe?

The whitening method, which is an application that everyone can easily do unless they have gum disease, does not cause any damage to the teeth contrary to what is generally thought. In fact, there is no research showing that teeth whitening processes cause structural and permanent damage to teeth. However, teeth whitening procedures should be performed in consultation with a dentist using methods recommended by him/her.

Teeth whitening with laser in clinic

Professional whitening is applied in the clinic with the help of a dentist as follows:

A bleaching substance is placed on the tooth by a physician experienced in this procedure.

Laser light is directed on the relevant teeth for a certain period of time. Laser light does not whiten teeth. It only activates the whitening gel and initiates the necessary chemical reaction (the laser does not penetrate the tooth).

Teeth whitening clinic Karşıyaka

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TThis process takes less than 1 hour and may require more than one session for the desired whiteness level even though it gives immediate results. The result is immediately observed when the process is finished.

Home Teeth Whitening

The dentist takes measurements from the patient’s mouth and prepares thin rubber molds that can be attached to the teeth. The patient places the medication in the special mold prepared for him/her and attaches this mold to the teeth to be whitened for at least 6-8 hours a day (preferably asleep). This treatment lasts an average of 1-4 weeks. Preference depends on the degree of discoloration, how quickly the treatment is intended to be terminated, and the opinion of the physician even though both methods are effective.

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