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Gum treatment is an important part of preventing oral and dental diseases. When diseases occurring in gums are not treated, they trigger various diseases in the teeth and mouth. Gum treatments aim to prevent such conditions. Treatment of gum diseases is performed by physicians specialized in gum diseases. Usually, patients come to gum disease clinics with complaints such as gum recession, itching of gums, gum discoloration.

Domestic implant is the treatment process performed using implants produced in Turkey. Extracting the tooth is the only solution when the implants are no longer the salvation of the decaying tooth in our mouth. The empty space where the tooth was extracted causes the other teeth to wear out more. The missing tooth needs to be replaced for this reason. Implant is a dental treatment method made of titanium alloy, the only substance that 100% adapts to the human body, and placed on the jawbone by surgical operation.

No matter what kind of tooth, none of them will replace the main tooth. No one can contradict that fact. It is the most recommended dental treatment method by all dentists since only the dental type close to the main tooth is the implant tooth.

Because it looks natural like a real tooth, allows the tooth to function correctly and lasts longer. It does not disrupt your facial shape. Only the tooth is added to the space. All these reasons are also a great advantage for each individual.

Dental implants are among the most common dental treatments recently. 99% of the treatments were completed without any problems. Implants are made of a substance called titanium. Titanium is one of the rare elements accepted by the human body and compatible with bone. However, dental implants can cause side effects for some very rare reasons.

Side effects may occur as a result of incorrect and incorrect implantation by a dentist for these reasons. Of course, failure to show the necessary hygiene and care to the patient’s dental health causes infections such as inflammation.

The body may rarely refuse the implant made of titanium. It occurs most in smokers in this case. Or the body of those who are allergic to titanium may refuse the implant. Nerves may be damaged in implant treatments that are not performed in experienced and reliable dental implant centers. These damages affect smile and speech.

The number of cavities in the patient’s tooth is important in terms of how many implants to make. In other words, one implant is sufficient for a single tooth cavity. However, 2 implants will be required if there are 3 tooth cavities side by side. It does not require a separate implant treatment for each space adjacent to the mouth.

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