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Porcelain Coating Turkey

Porcelain coating to protect dental health is very popular today. Porcelain coating for aesthetics is also preferred to protect the filling and dental health. The important thing is not only the aesthetic appearance but also the protection of the health of the teeth. Porcelain coating also serves as a filler when the dentist cannot fill the teeth. Porcelain coating has many features.

A mold is formed with the help of a scanner for porcelain coating. Then, preparation is made by the specialist physician. Today, the material used for porcelain coating is lithium disilicate. A porcelain coating prepared in accordance with the dimensions is placed after shaving the teeth. It is also important that the porcelain coating, which is a fixed coating, is placed in the most accurate way. However, porcelain coating and prosthetic tooth application should not be confused at this point. Patients often confuse research on these topics.

Porcelain coating can be done for anyone when necessary. The tooth defects in the patient are also corrected with porcelain teeth. Especially mild and moderate tooth defects are treated in a short time. It is usually preferred for broken teeth or teeth with gaps. However, porcelain coating is expensive contrary to popular belief. There is a separate cost for each tooth. Therefore, you should have your teeth fixed by allocating your budget accordingly.

How many days does porcelain coating take?

Porcelain coating requires a long time before treatment time. A certain time is needed to prepare processes such as measuring and coating materials. The patient’s wishes and complaints are determined before the treatment. The treatment method and application method are determined by the doctor. Necessary information should be given about when measurements will be made and coating made according to the method. You can get your teeth done by getting the necessary information from your specialist physician.

Things to consider after porcelain coating

Patients can return to their daily lives in a short time after porcelain coating. The local anesthesia will wear off in a few hours. There is little to no pain. You can relieve it with painkillers if you feel any pain.

You should avoid excessively hot and cold foods after the treatment is over. Foods that are difficult to chew and stick may harm teeth for a while. It is also beneficial to stay away from hard and shellfish foods for a while. Porcelain teeth usually have a life of up to 10 years. However, you can extend this life further when you make the necessary care.

Necessary care must also be performed after dental treatments. Physicians say teeth should be brushed 2 times a day. It is also useful to use mouthwash while performing these cares. Mouthwash cleanses bacteria in the mouth as well as prevents bad breath.

Porcelain coating is done by every dentist in Turkey. It’s important how many teeth you need to get coated and how much you set aside. First, you have to go to the physician and get an examination. You can get information by talking to the doctor about the necessary subject. However, pre- and post-treatment are very important. Therefore, it is also beneficial to know everything before starting treatment.

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