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We apply screwless implant treatment in our clinic in Izmir. The screwless implant is used to achieve a process called osseointegration. Screwless implant treatments aim to use porcelain or zirconium teeth in gums without the screwing process. In short, Izmir implant dental treatment is a type of treatment applied to eliminate missing teeth. We manage to eliminate the lack of your teeth with the screw-type roots we apply to the roots of the lost and missing teeth. Thus, our patients can continue their lives without feeling their teeth missing and have the chance to chew their food easily.

Tissue compatibility of implant roots applied to the jawbone is important. This requires the necessary tests in advance. It will take 20-30 minutes for an implant tooth root to be applied to the patient if tissue compatibility is detected.

We easily apply implant dental treatment procedures in Turkey to our patients without causing pain as a result of advanced anesthesia methods.
Implant treatment methods are divided into two as normal (screwed) and screwless:

Normal Implant Treatment: The process of placing screw roots where prosthetic teeth will be placed on the jawbone is called screw implant treatment or normal implant treatment. An artificial tooth root is formed in our patients at the end of the procedure. The patient must have missing teeth in his/her mouth in order to perform this procedure. Patients become ready for prosthetic teeth after a while upon the screw root application. This treatment method works successfully in most patients. Additional surgical methods may be required for patients whose jawbone is not suitable for such treatment.

Screwless Implant Treatment: Titanium implant material that is not screwed to the jawbone is placed directly in the cavity opened. This treatment eliminates the risks of displacement of the prostheses or loosening of the screws over time.

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