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The location of the buccal corridors is important in the treatment of smile aesthetics. Every person likes a big smile. Smile looks good after a smile aesthetic. It is important to determine the tooth and chin positions of the buccal corridors to ensure a wide smile. The eye actually sees the width of the tooth while looking at someone’s smile. This image formed in our minds is the semi-circle teeth appearance. The appearance of the teeth in the mouth space is the focal point of the smile aesthetics study. However, designing only the front teeth for a good appearance may not always be enough.

smile aesthetics design Izmir

gülüş estetiği tasarımı

Changes are also made between the gums and the jaw and the tooth relationship in these cases. Some of the focal points in the treatment of smile aesthetics are as follows:

  • Mouth width,
  • Mouth inner width,
  • Lip thickness,
  • Teeth status (dimensions, gaps, crookedness if any, etc.

Each person’s unique smile occurs in the situation determined as a result of these points. People who want to have a better look apply for smile aesthetics treatment. A smile design is created in the treatment of smile aesthetics. Smile design is drawn according to the areas we give as the points of focus above.

smile design dental clinic

gülüş tasarımı diş polikliniği

The lips spread between the width of the dental arch at the moment of a smile. The tooth structure in the arched appearance, namely the frontal teeth and lips, determines the state of the smile as a result of this spread. Smile aesthetics focuses on these areas. However, it is sometimes necessary to adjust more of these areas according to the jaw structure. The parts of the mouth that remain in the dark at the time of smiling also affect the smile for this reason. Usually, the buccal corridors in the mouth are the result of a narrow dental arch. Our patients confuse orthodontics and smile aesthetics treatments in light of this information. Orthodontics focuses on preventing teeth from being distorted. It deals with the treatment of crooked teeth in adults.

smile aesthetics design Cadde dental

gülüş estetiği cadde dental

The treatment method, which we categorize as smile aesthetics, benefits from orthodontics and other dental health treatment methods. The smile design aims to focus on the smile in the appearance desired by the patient while it also aims that the jaw and tooth area continue to work correctly in our orthodontic patients. All the possibilities and skills existing in dentistry such as lip structure, dental cavities, implants, and fillings are used for this purpose.


How is smile aesthetics performed?

Smile aesthetics are designed according to the oral and dental health status of the patient. The specialist physician shows his/her recommendations at this point. The patient indicated his/her requests and the approximate final condition is focused on. The physician communicates with other experts and technicians if necessary as a result. A computerized simulation is shown to the patient after information sharing. The patient is shown tooth variations and possible consequences in the following appointment. The smile aesthetics process begins when the design to be applied to the patient is decided.
The smile aesthetic process is completed in a single session when it requires an application such as teeth whitening or laminated teeth application. However, session processes differ if treatment methods including jaw surgery are required.
Smile aesthetics are designed through computer-aided programs at the request of the patient. The application of smile aesthetics design varies depending on the teeth and mouth condition of the patient.
Smile aesthetics are performed after all or some of the following operations are selected by the physician.
Teeth Whitening: Teeth whitening is a quick aesthetic procedure that is possible for everyone. It is possible to change the perception at first glance thanks to the teeth whitening process for teeth that have lost color. New versions, such as laser whitening, are available. Operations categorized as laser whitening are the process of directing laser light to the teeth where teeth whitening chemicals are applied.
Laminated Teeth Application: Laminate veneers are one of the fastest ways to make the teeth look perfect. It is applied to each tooth individually. Laminated teeth application is the process of polishing the coatings placed on the tooth after proper positioning. This polishing makes the teeth look perfect.
Implant Applications: Smile aesthetics is one of the frequently applied treatments if the patient has missing teeth. Missing teeth are completed with implant treatment before starting improvement procedures for color and appearance.
Reshaping Applications: Reshaping is used to regulate long teeth that create small obstacles to the closure of the jaw. Twisted or long teeth cause the jaw to join outside the axis of the jaw if the mouth is closed. Small axis shifts are eliminated thanks to the reshaping process in this case. The reshaping process is also used to improve the appearance of crooked teeth. Physicians often resort to this method when they do not want to lose the entire tooth.
Zirconia Crowns Application: Zirconia crowns applications are the process of covering all the outer surfaces of the tooth. A slight tooth reduction can be applied to all surfaces of the tooth. Zirconia crowns and laminated teeth applications can be mixed occasionally. Laminated teeth are coatings placed by the physician on the front face of the tooth, and zirconia crowns are coatings added to the visible entire surface of the tooth.
Gummy Smile Surgery: Gum lift is one of the procedures applied in the gum aesthetics category. The excessive appearance of gums while smiling is called a “gummy smile”. Gum aesthetics is one of the treatment methods used. The aim is to make gums look less visible while smiling.
Smile aesthetics is a difficult process for the physician. The patient’s wishes should be listened to and appropriate solutions should be offered in accordance with the dental structure. The dentist receives support from dental technicians and software. The treatment, which is classified as smile aesthetics, utilizes all branches of dentistry.

Is smile aesthetics risky?

Smile aesthetics is definitely not a risky operation. Dentists already apply the methods they use in the treatment of smile aesthetics separately in many patients. The aspect that differentiates the smile aesthetics treatment from the point of view of the patient is that the appropriate operations are carried out in order for the patient. Gum aesthetics can also be performed after a zirconia-assisted bridge application. Therefore, it is not risky to use dental aesthetic treatments to reveal a good smile design.

is smile aesthetics risky

gülüş estetiği riskli midir

We apply smile aesthetics treatments to patients from various countries of the world with our specialist physicians at Cadde Dental Health Clinic. Many of our patients return to their countries in the following days after these operations. Our physicians advise you to get the smile you want according to your dental health. Therefore, the ultimate goal is to have an undisturbed process. It is aimed to make a visible difference in the first time after this process. There is no risk for the patient in smile aesthetic operations due to the fact that our specialist physicians make suggestions according to your oral health and apply treatments.

Is excellent smile design possible?

The most important stage to reveal a perfect smile design is the session in which the patient is listened to and understood. The structure that the patient wants to have is designed with the intervention and guidance of the physician. The dentist aims to show the patient the possible form of his/her request at this stage. Some patients only describe the white appearance when expressing their wishes. Others want to have the perfect Hollywood smile. The physician focuses on designing a process that will approach the patient’s request as much as possible since the excellence here varies according to the person.
The golden ratio in the perfect smile is the appearance in the smile that the patient is aiming to achieve and the simulation of the result promised by the physician. Physicians who specialize in aesthetic subjects achieve very successful results in this regard.

Smile design in Turkey
Smile aesthetics in London

The above image shows the variables that a physician is interested in during the smile aesthetics design process. The physical characteristics of each tooth and their relationships with each other are used to create a perfect smile design.

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