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The price of wisdom teeth extraction varies depending on the size of the operation. Teeth problems begin to occur between the ages of 17 and 25. These teeth, which are commonly referred to as wisdom teeth, have always been a matter of concern when left or extracted in the mouth. However, these teeth must be extracted in cases where there is a problem with these teeth, the teeth are decayed, the teeth are not correctly fused to the jawbone.

How to extract wisdom teeth

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Your dentist will decide whether your teeth should be extracted only after an X-ray. Wisdom teeth fused to the jawbone at an incorrect angle may cause other teeth to get displaced. In addition, decay in these teeth may cause odor in the mouth. The dentist, who understands the condition of the tooth after the chin X-ray, decides whether this tooth is beneficial or harmful.

Wisdom teeth extraction


The operation to be performed may also vary depending on the condition of the teeth. Therefore, the price of wisdom teeth extraction will vary depending on the structure of your teeth. Your dentist will try to give you an affordable price considering what is necessary. Many factors such as whether the wisdom tooth is well fused to the jawbone, its angle, and whether there is decay or not affect the price. Therefore, you should first go to the dentist for an examination.

Wisdom teeth extraction prices are determined according to what?

It is obvious that the patient who went to the dentist is looking for answers to the question of how the prices of wisdom teeth extraction are determined. There are multiple reasons that affect this price. First, it should be decided whether this tooth should be extracted or not. The conditions requiring tooth extraction can be summarized as follows:

Whether there is decay or not

Food particles that accumulate in the mouth may cause an infection there over time. This infection especially surrounds the newly emerging wisdom teeth. Therefore, wisdom teeth may decay more easily compared to other teeth. These types of decays are also very difficult to treat. These decays may cause effects such as bad breath, toothache, and abscesses in the mouth.

Gum Disease

Infection may occur in the tooth due to problems such as the accumulation of food residues in the part of the wisdom teeth. The abscess in the gum may cause pain that is difficult to endure. In addition, disturbing effects such as bad breath may occur. abscesses may cause both pain and swelling in the throat and cheek since they swell over time. It would be a better decision to extract the wisdom tooth in such cases.

Pain due to teeth pressure 

The tooth may grow incorrectly when it is incorrectly fused to the jawbone. This growth may cause pressure by pushing other teeth. This pressure will cause incredible pain in the teeth. Wisdom teeth should also be extracted in such cases.

Cross Growth of Teeth

If the wisdom teeth have incorrectly fused to the jawbone and are growing at the wrong angle, this will cause other teeth to be pushed. This pressure on other teeth both causes pain and will cause this condition to progress even further if there are cross-wisdom teeth.

Cyst Formation

A fused tooth causes cysts in general. They may cause cyst formation in the mouth since wisdom teeth are generally fused. Wisdom teeth extraction is also decided by the dentist in such cases.

Therefore, in wisdom teeth extraction

What is the age at which wisdom teeth extraction is performed?

The ideal age range for the answer to the question of how old you should be is between the ages of 14 and 22 for wisdom teeth extraction. The tooth, which grows in the wrong position and angle, should be pulled out in any case, whether or not it causes discomfort. The younger the individual is, the more beneficial this extraction is. It would be better to extract at a young age so that the treatment process can be shorter and the operation can be performed more easily. Teeth extraction in cases older than 40 years of age will both make the operation more difficult and the treatment process of teeth will take longer. Sometimes wisdom teeth extraction is preferred with Izmir implant treatment.

Wisdom teeth prices


Can you continue life without wisdom teeth extraction?

Sooner or later this will cause discomfort to the person if the wisdom teeth are growing in the wrong position. Incorrect enlargement of the tooth angle will cause the teeth to be pushed, this pushing will cause the teeth to be crossed and pain in the teeth. In addition, the tooth, which grows at the wrong angle, may cause an abscess in the gum and this abscess may cause pain up to the throat and cheek. Therefore, the sooner wisdom teeth are extracted, the better when those teeth are decided to be extracted.

Wisdom teeth

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In fact, this is the answer to the question “can you continue life without wisdom teeth extraction?” It is obvious that these teeth will cause greater pain and increase complaints in the future if there is an incorrect angle or decay in the wisdom teeth. Therefore, the individual should go to the dentist as soon as possible before his/her complaints increase and wait for the necessary intervention after the X-ray.

This tooth extraction procedure is usually performed under local anesthesia. It is possible for the patient to have his tooth extracted without feeling any pain thanks to the numbing of the area. However, patients feel the pressure applied and the cracks in the teeth. False rumors occur and people are afraid of having their teeth pulled because people who experience this feeling overtly tell other people about it. He/she will inform you accordingly when you discuss all your concerns with your dentist. Exaggerated narratives should not cause fears. Because you will not be able to feel any pain due to local anesthesia.

Are wisdom teeth insignificant?

This tooth must be extracted if there is a wisdom tooth growing at the wrong angle and decayed. It will not be possible to call these teeth insignificant when it is considered that this tooth may disrupt the structure of other teeth and cause different pain in the future. The younger the patient, the healthier the process will be and the easier the treatment will be. Late intervention will complicate both the treatment process and the operation to be performed on the tooth.

What is the wisdom teeth structure?

The best answer to the question of how wisdom teeth structure is will be to say that these teeth are the third molars. It can be said that it is one of the teeth that performs the chewing function in the best way. However, this tooth is usually found to be in the wrong position, incorrect fusion to the jawbone, and decay due to the impacted tooth. If one or more of these problems are encountered, these teeth should be extracted. This is a decision that the dentist can make after looking at the chin X-ray.

Is wisdom tooth extraction important according to gender?

It is observed that there is no significant difference when wisdom teeth structure is examined according to gender. It is seen that these teeth come in 20 years of age in both genders. However, it can sometimes be seen that these teeth come even in the 80 years of age. The reason for calling these wisdom teeth is because they come through at a more mature age. It cannot be said that there is a significant difference by gender.

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