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Dental aesthetics is a treatment topic that those who want to highlight their smile are curious about. Everyone pays attention to the appearance of dental aesthetics since it is a remarkable appearance for others when smiling or talking. Many of our patients who come to our dental clinic in Izmir ask questions about dental aesthetics. We need a proper and healthy dental structure in order to be able to smile and talk comfortably. It is very important to have a correct and proper mouth and tooth structure in order to be able to laugh and talk confidently and without hesitation.

How is dental aesthetics performed?

If we have any defects or discolorations in our teeth, this can both prevent us from feeling comfortable and lead to a loss of confidence and stress when talking to someone. It is definitely a good idea to consult a dentist who specializes in dental aesthetics to solve these problems if you are experiencing a problem with your dental structure as an image in such cases. Dental aesthetics is an important treatment method in terms of smile aesthetics while providing treatment for oral damages and problems in the teeth and gums.

Smile Design Prices
This smile aesthetics is one of the most popular topics for patients. Dental aesthetic treatment can be examined by our physicians in our dental treatment Izmir and dental treatment Karşıyaka hospitals, and you can make an appointment with the emergency dentist in Izmir for the nights.

What is Smile Design?
Smile aesthetics, also called smile design, is a dental treatment method. It is a special field where both medicine and beauty expertise are applied together. This individually designed method is a natural and healthy method designed in accordance with the face structure of the person, jaw and mouth structure, and the appearance of the teeth. Smile and dental appearance are designed in the most natural way in accordance with the person’s facial features and dental structure. The person feels both beautiful and healthy and at the same time has increased self-confidence and has a comfortable smile in this way.

How Does Smile Design Work?

The person’s facial features should be examined first before starting the smile design. Then, problems such as teeth sorting and yellowing in tooth colors are eliminated in the tooth structure and the smile design that is most appropriate for the person is made. Gender is one of the most important factors that doctors should pay attention to during the design phase. The presence of a different facial line of men and women and the fact that the jaw and mouth structure are also in different shapes lead to better results when dentists determine and apply a smile design according to them.

Izmir Dental Aesthetic Prices

Treatments are performed at current prices in the 2019 dental aesthetics price list determined by the Dentists Association of Turkey. The person gains a healthier and more aesthetically pleasing dental structure after various procedures such as teeth whitening, correcting the order of teeth structure, and eliminating damages in gums are performed.

Smile Design Prices

The person laughs more easily thanks to the most appropriate smile design made for him/her. He/she can talk to the other person more confidently and comfortably without closing his/her teeth. The self-confidence of the person increases more and he/she gains comfort and a healthy appearance in his/her teeth where he/she feels psychologically problematic in this way.

Dental Aesthetics in One Session

What can be done with dental aesthetics is really fairly advanced. In fact, dental treatments performed for aesthetic purposes can be performed in very short periods of time. It is possible to perform all procedures in a single session at this point where dentistry technologies are quite advanced.

Dental aesthetic treatment methods such as porcelain leaves (laminated) application, full ceramic bridge coatings and applications, and porcelain filling can all be completed in one session. First, the patient’s tooth size is measured and then the images taken with the digital camera are transferred to the computer environment in 3D. These images are viewed by the physician and the patient and evaluated in a computer environment. The new tooth is prepared by the device as a result of this evaluation. Preparation of the new tooth is the scraping and preparation of special porcelain blocks.

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Would you like to get support for dental aesthetics?

You can reach out to us and ask us any questions you can think of about this. Our patient coordinators will provide you with detailed information as soon as possible.