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What is zirconium coating?

Zirconium is a white metal extracted from nature. The material forming the substructure under porcelain is zirconium dioxide in zirconium coatings. Zirconium has high resistance to pressure and tension, it does not cause any allergies as it is a tissue-friendly material.

How is zirconium coating applied?

First of all, attention should be paid to gum health in order to achieve a healthy and aesthetic result with zirconium coating. Gums should be evaluated aesthetically after they are treated and healed. The necessary leveling process is performed from the gum lengths if the patient’s smile line is high and if necessary. The gum treatment and shaping process are completed and after the teeth are arranged, they are measured with special measuring materials and sent to the laboratory. It is designed and produced digitally in the computer environment in the laboratory according to the size taken. The porcelain superstructure is also rehearsed after the oral rehearsal of the zirconium substructure. The coatings with polished and smooth surfaces are adhered to the tooth after the necessary final arrangements are made.

What is the price of zirconium teeth?

Zirconium is a structure that requires fine technical precision during laboratory production as well as during construction. It is obtained by scraping zirconium blocks in 3D according to this design after the digital design. Cost reduction has been attempted by using low-quality zirconia blocks of Chinese and Korean origin in the market. However, the oral harmony and aesthetic results of these zirconia blocks fail. Accordingly, prostheses with very short lifespans are encountered. It would be a better decision to use zirconia of prestigious brands that are accepted in the world instead of prostheses with short life and lower cost. Patients who do research on zirconium teeth can also find information on our implant tooth prices page.

Can zirconium coating be applied to the implant tooth?

Zirconium coatings can be used in single tooth coating and bridge construction as well as in implant-supported prostheses.

What should be the care of zirconium teeth?

It is important to care for and clean zirconium teeth regularly as with our own teeth. Brushing your teeth and gums twice, providing oral care with special floss for your zirconium bridge/coatings, and visiting your doctor at 6-month intervals will allow you to use your zirconium teeth easily without any problems for this.

Will there be a pain when applying zirconium teeth?

There is no pain since the teeth are cut under local anesthesia.

Are there aesthetic problems after the arrangement?

Your temporary teeth are prepared immediately on the same day after the arrangement. Both the appearance is intact and the sensitivity problem that may occur in the teeth is prevented in this way.

How many days does applying zirconium teeth take?

It takes 2-7 days to apply zirconium teeth treatment in the presence of healthy gums. The procedure is completed within 7 days at the latest from the date of the first appointment if the physician and the patient do not mutually request another operation.

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