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Izmir welcomes patients from many cities for implant treatment. Implant patients from different cities of the world receive their treatments in clinics located in Izmir. Patients from different parts of Turkey visit Izmir for treatment of dental implants at the same time.


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    Implant treatment is the general name used for jaw-supported operations. Implants provide a clearer speech and more comfortable chewing compared to classical palate and prostheses while returning the cheek and face structure to its natural state.

    It is possible to get rid of digestive tract diseases caused by chewing insufficiency in this way. Personal trust is fulfilled thanks to a natural, healthy, and aesthetic appearance at the same time. Our article on what an implant is can give more detailed information about the implant.

    Am I a suitable candidate for implant treatment?

    implant treatment application

    implant tedavisi

    First of all, your gum health should be good in order for implant treatment to be applied. Therefore, you should first consult our clinic’s periodontist if you are experiencing gum problems. Gum problems may also cause inflammation around it and may result in loss of the implant. Additional treatments, such as bone grafting or sinus lift, may also be required to perform Izmir implant application in patients with bone loss.

    Implants are artificial tooth roots placed on the jawbone and made to support prostheses. These are mostly titanium screws that replace missing teeth, have a long life, and can be used smoothly for a lifetime. They are placed on the jawbone by dentists with a small surgical procedure in sterile environments.

    What does Izmir offer about implant treatment?

    There are many different options for Izmir implant treatment. Our patients coming to Izmir from outside the province and our patients living in Izmir are offered various facilities by Cadde Dental.

    During your implant treatment

    • An examination is performed. Your teeth are checked by our specialist doctor with our CAD/CAM-supported devices at this stage.

      Evaluation is performed. The specialist dentist measures the condition in your health during the evaluation stage. A detailed brief is given about your teeth and mouth structure.

    • Additional operations are recommended. The specialist physician answers the questions of whether different operations are required to make your teeth look healthier and if there are additional solutions suitable for your oral structure.
    • The beginning of the treatment stage is the replacement of your missing tooth with an implant.

      An appointment is scheduled for your new tooth after the implant stage. Your new tooth is placed depending on the healing process.

    Missing teeth lead to many symptoms in patients, ranging from chewing to swallowing problems, mumbling, and inadequate bites all of which lead to a lack of confidence. A range of dental implant solutions is available to help treat these symptoms.

    Dental implants can be placed in the jaw of patients of all ages provided that they are of sufficient quantity and quality. Almost all of the patients who respect oral hygiene are ideal candidates for dental implants. But there are exceptions, of course, and you need to know if you’re eligible.

    Does Izmir offer reasonable prices for implant treatment?

    Izmir comes to the forefront of the provinces offering the most affordable prices for implant treatment when factors such as the material used, the physician applying it, and the advantages of the country in which it is located are evaluated. Various statistics and studies are calculated from the unit price for implant teeth. However, the skills of the physician who applies them are also important for the treatment process rather than having dental implants. Implant products have a cheaper price compared to many other countries in the United States. However, this advantage disappears if the treatment fees of the implementing centers are taken into account. It is also easy to say that Turkey would be a better option given the length of stay and flight times for a person visiting the United States from European countries or anywhere in the world.

    izmir implant tedavisi
    Izmir implant treatment

    The table above shows the ranking of implant prices in 2019 by country. However, Turkey is the reason for preference with a clear difference when the advantages in product, physician, and location parameters are evaluated. Statistics can be accessed through Izmir vs Countries Dental Implant Prices.

    How do I ensure successful implant treatment in Izmir?

    Izmir welcomes many patients from all over the world for implant treatment. It is up to the patient to control various conditions to speed up the treatment process in Izmir. You need to review the following issues in order to facilitate the treatment process so that it is successful.

    • Intensive cigarette consumption: The harm of smoking to health also manifests itself in dental implant treatments. You will prevent early recovery of your treatment if you are a heavy smoker. Specialists demand that you stop this bad habit, especially during the course of treatment.

    • Excessive alcohol consumption: Alcohol consumption disrupts the healing process of gums. Degradations in gums can adversely affect your treatment process in various parameters.

    • Periodontal diseases: They should be treated before dental implantation. Periodontal diseases can cause bone loss. Therefore, treatments should be provided, especially before implant treatment. Cadde Dental works carefully to plan the treatments of patients coming to Izmir from abroad for implant treatment.
    • Patients with increased immunity: Patients using steroids may be subjected to radiation treatment. Special conditions are also fulfilled during treatment for patients with autoimmune diseases (such as some MS).

    • Teeth grinding (Bruxism): Special solutions are provided to prevent the wear of porcelain in dental crowns in the case of bruxism.

    It is also important to report all serious diseases such as cancer to your dentist, especially if you are coming to Izmir for dental implant treatment. You should also inform your doctor if you have a condition such as diabetes. Your dentist will take this into account during your consultation and will create a special treatment plan for you before you make your trip. At Cadde Dental, we pay special attention to these symptoms in the management of the implant treatment process together with our specialist physicians and patient coordinators.

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