What is Healthy and Aesthetic Zirconium Coating?

zirkonyum kaplama yapilisi

It is aimed to give the teeth a natural and aesthetic appearance while making zirconium teeth, but it is not so easy to protect the main teeth. Let’s talk about how to do this step by step in order for this process to be perfect. First, the physician needs to prepare the teeth professionally by calculating the cheek, face shape, lip, and joint relations. Secondly, your physician should perfectly transfer the teeth to the measurement after preparing the teeth, which is possible with today’s digital mouth scanners. Thirdly, a three-dimensional digital design should be made for the mouth and teeth transferred to the computer environment. Fourthly and finally, very good and healthy material is selected and specially designed teeth are produced. Gums and surrounding tissues are carefully protected in the adaptation of these teeth to the mouth. The wrong thing for the patients is that they enter the research directly in the form of zirconium teeth prices while doing the research because if the above-mentioned stages are not carried out by the physician, the procedure will result in unhealthy aesthetics and dissatisfaction even if the diamond coating is applied instead of zirconium coating considering the whole procedure. The patient will get lifelong aesthetic but healthy teeth in genuine tooth comfort if the physician pays attention to all these stages and prefers the best and the most suitable material for the patient.


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